Encompassing My Aspirations

I have a condition. It might not seem like such a serious one but it is surely a chronic one. It’s called aspiration overload. One might wonder as to what the meaning of that term is but with my experiences I have come up with a definition of my own to best explain it -A series of multiple interests that overbear you thus accomplishing the tasks in order to reach a certain goal seems impossible due to the balance of attention placed on that task fluctuating.

To put it in simple terms, It is very difficult for me to finish what I’ve started. For example, my book. Sometimes I am very focused and many times I just couldn’t care less. Then either I just lose interest all together or I’ll gain it back. Other goals I’ve set for myself are too many that my mind crashes and I just can’t start. Crazy right? Regardless of this condition, I still fight it and try my best to overcome it. I am sure it’s better to be aspired than to be nothing.

I have got to ask, do you have this? What would you do if you did? Do you think this is a good thing or an inconvenient one to have?


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