Bared To Fifty


A couple months ago I was going through a severe case of book withdrawals and of course like many other women it was derived from Fifty Shades of Grey, about an undergrad student Anastasia Steele who meets a sexy, melancholic and powerful billionaire Christian Grey. As Ana gets to know him more she discovers there’s a darker side to this beautiful mysterious man.

This book opened all kinds of new doors for women all around the world, bringing their fantasies to a whole new level. After I finished the trilogy I instantly felt a void and discovered Bared To You by Sylvia Day. Now, although these two trilogies have a considerable amount of similarities for example, Gideon Cross, another powerful billionaire holding majority of the same characteristics as Christian Grey, they are two different story lines. Fifty Shades focuses more on the BDSM relating it to Christian’s demons whereas Gideon and Eva are both equally swallowed up by their torturous pasts and use each other as a guidance to serenity.

Due to the second book only just coming out, I have yet to get acquainted with Mr.Cross’s whole story. Maybe it could be darker than Mr.Grey’s and I am curious to find out. I am still at the very beginning of the book Reflect In You, as you can see I’m taking my sweet time. I regretted reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy so quickly. There is no doubt by reading the descriptions of these two fine gentlemen that they’re beyond easy on the eyes and make females dive into a lustful passion thus attempting to cultivate their own men into sex gods by outing with the plain old “vanilla” and emerging more kinky yet decadent flavors.


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